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Ribbon | ♊ | California

I'm a very old dA member that has an obsession with Sonic. I love to draw, but don't get to post here as often as I would like because of school and a very active social life. If you'd like to get to know more about me, you can check my Tumblr to see some of my interests, or ask for my Skype and we can speak from there! I still log onto dA everyday, but Tumblr has taken its spot as my favorite website. I also post art on there that I don't post on dA so have a look if you're interested!

Click to view my Personality Profile page
take this with a grain of salt because i swear everytime i take this damn test i get something different

Art is Stamp by ultravioletbat
CxD Fan stamp by Inner-Dheart nature stamp by izka197Late... by prosaix
Art at 3 AM by blackdahliaRainbow Stamp by kyphoscoliosisI Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimarikuSA2 stamp by SonyaLSLooking At The Sky Stamp by cleopata
Lost in my imagination... by PixieRiotRawr,, raw by PixieRiotSummer Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
sonic stamp by PFV0-StampThank You... by jennyleighStrawberry Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Clannad stamp by MiuriaRK Stamp - Kaoru Kenshin 005 by hanaktInuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine
fullmetal alchemist stamp by tigernightmareRegular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by ZenityBittersweet Candy Bowl stamp by sparkIedog



Q: What program do you use to draw and color your art?
:bulletpink: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS2 and a Bamboo Fun Tablet.

Q: Do you take requests?
:bulletpink: No, I most likely never will.

Q: Do you only draw Sonic art?
:bulletpink: Currently, yes! I may occasionally post BCB or Vocaloid fanart though.

Q: Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr?
:bulletpink: Here is my Tumblr! No to Twitter, FB is for close friends only.

Q: Do you take commissions/collabs/art trades?
:bulletpink: I do, but please check to see if they're open in my status!

Q: Can I draw any of your characters?
:bulletpink: Please do! I love seeing people draw my characters. Just link it back to me.

Q: Can we be friends?
:bulletpink: Ask for my Skype and maybe we can!

Q: What do you look like?
:bulletpink: Check my gallery.

Q: Do you speak any languages other than English?
:bulletpink: I'm only fluent in English, but I am trying very hard to better my Spanish.

Q: Can I pair one of your characters officially with mine?
:bulletpink: Perhaps? Some side characters might be up for grabs, but Ribbon, Kai, Star and Lucky are off limits.

Q: Will you RP with me?
:bulletpink: Most likely, yes. Note me for Skype, because I do not RP through comments or notes.

Q: Are you even active/alive?
:bulletpink: Short answer is yes, but I die from time to time.

Q: Join my contest?
:bulletpink: Feel free to ask me to, I may or may not.

Q: Give me points?
:bulletpink: Uh. Maybe. Maybe not.

That's all for now!!!


Opinion on this Kai design?… 

5 deviants said He looks great! Don't change him.
5 deviants said I prefer his old blue design. (Refer to the Kai on my "Friends" box to see changes)
2 deviants said Other. (Please comment if this is your opinion and tell me)
No deviants said Tweak him a bit, he looks too close to Tails. (Comment and tell me how so if you feel this way)


wow i really need to update this summer page huh guys
I can??? post statuses on dA now???
Opinion on this Kai design?…
5 deviants said He looks great! Don't change him.
5 deviants said I prefer his old blue design. (Refer to the Kai on my "Friends" box to see changes)
2 deviants said Other. (Please comment if this is your opinion and tell me)
No deviants said Tweak him a bit, he looks too close to Tails. (Comment and tell me how so if you feel this way)
Ribbon Reference + Bio 2014 by Ribbzey
Ribbon Reference + Bio 2014

Kai • Star • Lucky
(All of the above are coming soon!)

it is 1:40 am and I have been working on Ribbon's bio and picture like crAZY but now I'm pooped so I'll finish the rest later before I submit Kai's

anyways, hi deviantart nvn I haven't submitted anything here in awhile so I'm actually shocked that I've been getting watchers while away..
anyways!! Here's some Ribbon because I have drawn her in awhile. The large majority of her bio is done save a few small things (strengths, weaknesses, fears etc) but since I've been working on this all day I now need a break because I was getting repetitive ahah.. the only main differences between 2013 and 2014 Ribbon seem to be that her eyelashes have gone back to two, the ribbons in her hair actually hang down, and she doesn't have tufts of hair like Cream on the end of her head anymore, her pigtails are thicker and stretch back that far now.. I'll make note of these things and more later in her Misc. section of her bio

thank you all for being so patient with my lack of activity as of late, I'll definitely be submitting more art very soon!! <3

Name: Ribbon Lightwave
Nicknames: Ribbzey, Ribz, Pinky, Kid
Age: 17
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Height: 100cm (3”3’)
(This is not including her ears, with her ears she’s about 110cm)
Weight: “That’s a secret!
DOB: June 17
Birth Place: Station Square, United Federation
Residence: ???
Occupation: None
Alignment: Hero/ Neutral Good
Team Ability: Speed
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest: None
Personal Quote: "Look at the bright side!"
Personality: Overly optimistic with a childish demeanor, Ribbon is an openly affectionate, confident fox with a seemingly endless energy level. Very warm and enthusiastic with a thirst for adventure and a passion for life, she lives in a world of possibilities and doesn’t hesitate to “live life to the fullest” with each passing day.

Easily excitable and highly passionate, Ribbon is an extrovert with a genuine interest in people. She accepts and highly values people as individuals, and is typically accepting of most, if not all, types of people. She loves to associate with and learn about people from all different walks of life and is usually quite perceptive and understanding about where others are coming from. She tends to be quite popular and well liked in whatever area she happens to be in for the day, but the people she meets along the way very rarely become close to her. Ribbon’s constant traveling and thirst for life/adventure/understanding leads her to break any possible close bonds she may have formed when she leaves, usually never to be heard from, seen, or spoken to again in the same area.

Ribbon is constantly traveling in order to experience and understand everything she can about the world. However, combining her extreme want to experience everything with her idea that everyone has some good in them, she often finds herself in dangerous situations that she must somehow figure her way out of due to her own gullibility. Her childish looks often give people the wrong idea about her age, which oftentimes results in people trying “dupe” her, so she is very prone to schemers. Most of the time, con artists succeed in tricking her.

Ribbon is not complete sunshine and rainbows, however. Her gullibility and inability to commit to most things is only the beginning. Ribbon has the tendency to feel intense anger to anyone who criticizes her (even if they’re right) or tries to control or pin her down in any way. She is not short tempered and usually allows the anger to fester and grow (since she usually won’t have an immediate rebuttal to the criticism), resulting in eventual violent outbursts and other destructive behaviors. She also tends to blame her occasional misfortune on other people, when it’s usually her own fault. Her constant travel and inability to stay in one place for long makes her come off as very directionless and lacking purpose and ambition.

Despite this, however, Ribbon has a very strong sense of values and tries her very best to follow them, even modelling her life after them. She has a heart of gold and generally displays acts of kindness wherever she happens to head to next, and to whomever crosses her path.

Likes/Favorite activities: Adventures, travel, meeting new people, dancing, hot weather, ribbons, children, Chao, trying new things/experiences/foods, learning new things, parties, sweet food
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Monotony, criticism, people mistaking her for being younger than she is, being tricked, bitter food, being compared to a child, being alone, darkness, sleeping
Gourmet of choice: Cotton Candy
Hobbies & Talents: Ribbon has great people skills and socializes quite often. As a result, she has “the gift of gab” and is quite skilled in charming her way into or out of some situations, which is sometimes helpful in her travels. She also enjoys collecting ribbons of all sizes, colors and designs and typically has at least two for any outfit she could possibly wear. Although she has a talent for reading people and can normally assess motives, emotions and genuineness after a short amount of time through subtle cues, she typically ignores this for the sake of socializing, “the good in people”, and knowing she probably won’t ever see the same person again. This often results in her being tricked.
Closest Friends: (Coming soon!)
Friends: (Coming soon!)
Acquaintances  Kai the Wolf 
Star the Dog
Lucky the Deer
•Various people from her travels
Rivals: None
Enemies: (Coming soon!)
Known relatives Ivory Lightwave (Mother, alive) 
Crimson Lightwave (Father, alive)
Team: Team Lightwave
Strengths: (Coming soon!)
Weaknesses: (Coming soon!)
Items & Weapons: (Coming soon!)
Vehicles: (Coming soon!)
Backstory: Ribbon was born in the large city of Station Square to parents Ivory and Crimson Lightwave. She lived a very average life, with nothing too major, exciting or tragic occurring that would drastically alter her personality or views in some way. Frustrated and bored with the routine and monotony that plagued her everyday life in the city, she makes a promise to herself at a young age to, one day, travel the world in search of adventure, new, exciting possibilities and experiences, and to learn what more the world had to offer her than working the same job for the rest of her life. Knowing her parents would not approve of her decision, she departs from Station Square on the night of her 16th birthday in secret, never to be heard from or seen again in the same place twice. 
Alternate Universes: (Coming soon!)


:bulletred: Important Art Notices, please read :bulletred:

:bulletblue: Commissions :bulletblue:

:bulletpink: - All commissions will be submitted to Ribbzeycomms

:bulletpink: - If for some reason you want to cancel your commission, please let me know before I start on it! I will always refund you your points/money if you do so. Please refer to my art status. If there is a ":bulletwhite:" or a ":bulletred:" next to your order, feel free to request a refund! If any other colored bullet is there, I will not give the points/money back.

:bulletpink: - Don't rush me or I'll cancel and won't refund the points/money. It's okay to politely ask if I'm taking a long time, but don't be rude.

:bulletblue: Art Trades :bulletblue:

:bulletpink: - I only submit my half once your half is complete.

:bulletpink: - Feel free to ask for a trade but please don't be offended if I reject!

:bulletpink: - Don't rush or I won't submit your half even if you've given me yours. Politely ask and I won't mind, be rude and I'll cancel.

:bulletblue: Collabs :bulletblue:

:bulletpink: - I'm more likely to draw because I dislike my coloring.

:bulletpink: - Be aware that my lineart is horrible if you want me to draw/ink.

:bulletpink: - Feel free to ask but please don't feel offended if I say no!

:bulletpink: - I'm very likely to have my part done very quickly if all you want is a very clean sketch.

:bulletpink: - Don't rush or I won't finish, but feel free to politely inquire!

Thank you for understanding!

:iconribbzeycomms::iconribbzey: :iconribbzeycomms::iconribbzey:

:bulletpink: So, Are Your Art Trades/Requests/Collabs/Comms Open? :bulletpink:

Art Trades: Closed.
Requests: Friends only.
Commissions: Closed.
Collabs: Closed.
I will be reopening all of these very soon for the summer!

:bulletpink: Art Status :bulletpink:
(in no order)

:bulletblack: = Long Term Project
:bulletwhite: = Planned
:bulletred: = On Hold
:bulletpurple: = Sketched/Inked (will specify)
:bulletorange: = Flat Colored/Coloring
:bulletgreen: = Shaded/Shading/BG
:bulletblue: = Finished!

:bulletpink: Art Trades :bulletpink:

1. SpeedCircuit - :bulletpurple: (restarted!)

2. (Canceled, closed)

3. (Closed)

:bulletpink: Commissions :bulletpink:

1. Avatar commission for DEIDARA7CHAN :bulletorange:

2. Doodle commission (1/2) for s-94 :bulletpurple: (Sketching!)

3. Doodle commission (2/2) for s-94 :bulletwhite:

:bulletpink: Gifts :bulletpink:

Keeping these as a surprise from now on ♥

:bulletpink: Currently Working On :bulletpink:

1. Star and Lucky's First Encounter :bulletwhite:/:bulletred:

2. Ribbon/Kai/Lucky/Star group image :bulletwhite:

3. Legitimate Kai reference :bulletpurple: (Sketch!)

4. The Evolution of Ribbon the Fox :bulletgreen:/:bulletpurple: (9/15 designs shaded, 6/15 inked only!)

5. The Evolution of Kai the Wolf/Star the Dog/Lucky the ??? :bulletwhite:/:bulletred: (All on one sheet!)

6. Chibi Lucky/Star:

Star: :bulletpurple: (Inked!)

Lucky: :bulletwhite:

7. Maritza's Sonic Meme :bulletwhite:/:bulletred:

8. SA-Style Attempt: Ribbon :bulletpurple: (Sketched!)

9. Legitimate Luna Reference :bulletwhite: (Star's older sister)

10. Star and Luna :bulletwhite:

11. Ribbon/Kai/Lucky/Star: Seasons :bulletwhite:

12. Outfit Swap: Ribbon/Star, Lucky/Kai :bulletwhite:

13. Kai/Ribbon/Lucky/Star: Genderbend :bulletwhite:

14. Legitimate Joy reference :bulletwhite:/:bulletred:

15. Legitimate Crystal reference :bulletwhite:/:bulletred:

16. Older Ribbon/Kai/Star/Lucky reference :bulletwhite:

17. Princess Star + Princess Luna reference :bulletwhite:

:bulletpink: Awaiting Art From ... :bulletpink:


No rush, this is just here to keep myself reminded!


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